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9/8- if your still coming some love by signing the guest book. or justgo to our myspace and comment. 
8-22- We wont have to dela with the crappy website anymore! Sparkstarter proudly brings to you...... CATCHAPLAGUE.NET! it will have all the fun packed punches as the late did! it might even have music! also... we are gearing up for joshuafest! it should be crazy. Tadd and i ordered a mega phone off ebay for like 30.00...So we will be louder then we have ever been. anyways...all in all things are good...check out our website. its will be made fun for you all. thanks.
8-19- Hey, we are playing a youth rally this saturday in folsom...check it out on our myspace page at
and it should be on our shows page if you dont want to click that link. sweet ok bye bye.
7-30- Hello to all... Things are picking up in the wonderful land of sparkstarter.  I have good new and I have bad news...Lets start with the bad. As of a week ago...We (Sparkstarter) have parted ways with our second guitarist Bryce. Things boiled up to the max and we decided after a week that it would be best for now to part ways it was a mutual break, we have no hard feeling for him or him for us. However... We will not be dropping off any shows. We have decided to press on as a three peice. So heres the good news... We have two shows coming up this next weekend on the 12th and 13th check out our shows page for more info. Also Joshua Fest is coming up and we are on the underground stage. This will be a 24/7 party let me tell you... Stay tuned for more news...
July 26th- Sorry for the lack of updates...Sparkstarter has been keeping extremely busy as of late...Hers the run down... We finshed up our 9 day tour with The Earth Shall Mourn, last tuseday night, it was a blast we really got to bond with the guys. Saturday night we played a packed house at Kingdom koffe. Band drama insued (more info on that later) and here we are now...Sitting in front of our computers reading... So we have a show at ClubRetro coming up on the 12th and the following day at Kingdom Koffe for MY BIRTHDAY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! more shows are going to be added plus i am planning out a small tour down south again i think... so look for that. anyways hope things are well.... love,
July11th- so we are in orange county right now surrently staying with ex- screaming giant records onwer Kendall and his family.  we have pretty much filled out the rest of the week. heres what the rest of the tour looks like from now.
july14th- set free O.C ca.
july15th-fulerton ca.
july17th-rocklin scramento ca.
july18th modesto ca.
july 19th- orangvale ca.
June 23rd-  Its been a while... but i updated all the shows... We are currently trying to put together a week tour with an  amazing band called 'The Earth Shall Mourn'. its lookin alright.  i will put the dates up soon. We are just about to finish our new song titled 'dispicable human nature leads to fatal human tragedy' and we are about to start working on other new material. so be watching for that. anyways, keep checking for tour dates and other news. peace.