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Name: Christian Rolfe Appel

Nick Name(s): BiG K, Apple, The Pancake Kid, Big Guy

Age: 23

DOB: June 1, 1981
Birth Place: Sacramento, California

Fav. Color: Orange
Fav Movies: Anything SLAPSTICK!

Fav. Books: The Bible, Spiritual Warfare & The Purpose Driven Life
Fav. Band(s): Noggin Toboggan, No Innocent Victim, Officer Negative, A Love For Enemies, Anguish Unsaid, As I Lay Dying, Falling Cycle, Like David, A Billion Ernies, Freya, The Black Tie Suicides, The Blue Letter & so much more…

Fav. Song: Awesome God -Unashamed
Fav. Music Style(s): Hardcore, Ska, Metalcore, Punk, Death Metal, Grindcore, Swing, Classical & Gospel.

Fav. TV Show: South Park & The Weather Channel
Hero(s): Father/Son/Holy Ghost, My Grandma Appel

Hobbies: Going to Shows, Eating, Traveling, spending time with Family & relaxing at Cemeteries.

Personal Goals: To play music I like for God till Death, Get Married to that special Lady, Become a Youth Pastor, Be a Yuppie and live downtown.

Dislikes: Satan, Straight Edge, Diets, Democrats & Denny’s.

Shout Outs: The Band, The Venues, Fans, Family, KDVS 90.3 FM, Family Christian Center, Hometown Buffet & most important JESUS!


My Testimony:  COMING SOON!!!!

THANK YOU... [Father, Son & Holy Spirit], My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ you are my life.  Without you I have no talent and no reason to live.  You are my Light, my Love, my Passion and the Reason why I am in SPARKSTARTER.  I suffered with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Anger and I’m now set FREE BY YOUR BLOOD. I LOVE YOU! My Brothers in the band, My Mom & Dad, FOR THE RECORD “I HATE DIVORCE”, but I love you both no matter what.  Our Big Family, Fans are Family too!  To all the Venues such as The Net, Club Retro, West Coast World Wide, Kuppa Joe, The Underground Café & etc. Rio Linda Josh, Steven, All the Ladies (too many), Matt @ EME STUDIOS, Andy & Kevin from Lodi, Matt Oliver for all your help and strength, That 2 Day Tour with our brothers The Blue Letter, Family Christian Center, Curtis @ Holy Grounds (your such an awesome guy), Eric it was fun having you in the band, N.O.S. I still want to Tour Europe with you guys, The Pirate & DJ Krispy Kreme @ KDVS 90.3 (every Friday 10pm-12am), to any record company who hears this, Facedown Records, All the bands we have played with, to all the kids who are DRUG FREE FOR CHRIST and not for Straight Edge.  If you screw up in Straight Edge you’re out, but with Jesus if you screw up your forgiven!  Rock For Life, to anyone who listens to this album I hope it changes your life and thinking.